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Welcome to Russell Stone Products, a Worldwide Leader in the Sandstone Field.


From prestigious projects like the United States Capital Building Visitor Center, to our individually produced Stone Fireplaces, Countertops, Tables, and Flooring that you could have right inside your own home…  Russell Stone Products will handle YOUR PROJECT OF ANY SIZE with our world renowned team!


At Russell Stone Products we take great pride in our Quality Craftsmanship, Top-Rated Services, Dependable Support, and a History of Excellence in the industry!


As you will see in your visit through our website, with Russell Stone Products the possibilities are endless. At our manufacturing site in Central Pennsylvania we have the capabilities of doing nearly anything. Our craftsmen are experts in the field and utilize a combination of age-old techniques along with modern technology to produce masterpieces that will last for generations out of our famous sandstone quarries.


Our Sandstone Quarries produce some of the HIGHEST QUALITY STONE FOUND ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. It has been tested, analyzed, and proven to be one of the most highly regarded dimensional stone producing quarries that nature has allowed us to uncover… and these very facts and findings are an integrated part of the reputation we have at Russell Stone Products.


Sandstone has been widely used around the world since prehistoric  times in the construction of temples, cathedrals, homes, and grand  buildings. With its resistance to weathering, minimal maintenance,  and lasting durability - it continues to be a favorite of craftsmen,  designers, and architects in creating masterpieces that withstand  the tests of time!


As a natural product, our stone is inherently one of the most eco-friendly materials on earth. It’s environmentally friendly attributes include an  enduring life-cycle, its 100% natural composition, minimal  maintenance, and it is a guaranteed healthy building material that  won’t decompose or be found to consist of unhealthy chemicals or  ingredients decades down the road.


What we produce from our historic quarries, the Quality of our Stone,  Precision of our Craftsmanship, and Detail of our Service is what makes us one of the most highly trusted and recognized names in the  world and we look forward to bringing that very type of experience to  your next project!


We invite you to contact us with any questions, ideas, or projects, and  hope you enjoy your tour of Russell Stone Products through our site.