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The art of Stone Carving at Russell stone products

At Russell Stone Products our Craftsmen are among the finest in the trade. They combine centuries of expertise, modern design, and at times even state of the art equipment to complete each masterpiece. Whether by diamond blade - or mallet and chisel - we aim to astonish and never fail to deliver!


We offer a wide range of Natural Stone Options with a Specialty in Custom and Intricate Stonework. No matter

what the job is, our Craftsman will devise a plan and work

to ensure even the most unique creations and projects are brought to life.


From our unique one of a kind custom pieces of work, to more traditional stone embossing techniques, memorial creations, or those refined finishes to complete your interior or exterior design... maybe that lasting statue or scene that your university, city, or place of worship has been looking to have done?


The possibilities are endless with Russell Stone Products... Let your imagination go as you look through these samples of our craftsmanship below.