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A Quick Tour of the Russell Stone Products Quarries

Russell Stone Products reputation in the field is a result of what we produce from our historic quarries located in the heart of rural Pennsylvania in the Northeastern United States. The Quality of our Stone, Precision of our Craftsmanship, and Detail of our Service is what makes us one of the most highly trusted and recognized names in the world.


Sandstone has been widely used around the world since prehistoric times in the construction of temples, cathedrals, homes, and grand buildings. With its resistance to weathering, minimal maintenance, and lasting durability - it continues to be a  favorite of craftsmen, designers, and architects in creating masterpieces that withstand the tests of time!


With the addition of our Indiana Limestone and Eagle Ridge Field Stone, Russell Stone Products is able to provide a ranging scope of products to fit the needs of our customers around the world!


We invite you to visit us in person, and hope you enjoy a glimpse of the quarries below.


Bloom Run Quarry Views






Roaring Run Quarry Views

Eagle Ridge Quarry Field Stones