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Check out these Great Products available from Russell Stone

At Russell Stone Products we have the capabilities to produce nearly any product or piece imaginable. Whether its a unique “one off” piece or a combination that involves hundreds of stones, our experienced craftsmen will deliver in a fashion that can only be found at Russell Stone Products.


While we try to feature all of our products on the website, keep in mind we simply cannot photograph every single piece that leaves our grounds. If you have something in mind be sure to ask!


First we take a look at our three distinct stone ranges...  Bloom Run, Roaring Run, & Eagle Ridge...


Bloom Run Stone is a lighter color range with a small amount of iron veining, but more of a neutral color as pictured. Being a quarried stone, our Bloom Run can be crafted into nearly  any project.


Roaring Run Stone is a deeper color range of various earth tones,  with shades of brown, buff, tan, beige, pink, and creme. It shows a bit more iron veining and is also a quarried stone that can be worked into almost any project.


Eagle Ridge Field Stone is a Natural Fieldstone (non-quarried). It offers a range of brown, tan, grey, beige, and red. Being a fieldstone, it is well suited for applications like dry stacked or mortared stone walls, thin stone veneers, and is utilized extensively for accent pieces.


Now for the exciting part... what we produce from our world renowned stone!


Scroll through the extensive showcase of products below that highlights some of these amazing productions!