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The Freeze & Thaw Capabilities of our world renowned stone

The Russell Stone Quarries have been in existence since the early 1800's, and the LASTING durability of our stone is one of the qualities that makes it so desirable around the world.


Operated by various owners and at times inactive, one thing is certain - the stone from the quarry has a longevity that last hundreds of years. Winter, spring, summer, and fall has passed many times and the beauty of the stone remains. In the picture below the "Rockville Bridge" in Harrisburg was constructed and completed in 1902 by the Pennsylvania railroad. It took 800 workers 2 years to build. It is constructed of approximately 220,000 tons of Bloom Run and Roaring Run sandstone.


Consider this... the 3,820 ft bridge is standing in a river that is 20 feet deep in its shallowest edges and it has withstood freeze and thaw conditions for now over 118 years. It has withstood numerous ice jams, extreme summer heat, some of the worst winter conditions in the north eastern section of the united states. At times as many as 20 trains per day have traveled this bridge for its entire life span and to date not one (1) piece of stone has needed to be replaced.

















Summer brings extreme heat in

certain parts of the country and

although our Sandstone is used

for its beauty... it also has become

known for it's amazing ability NOT

to absorb intense amounts of heat

making it a great product for patios

and walkways. This is quite possibly

one of the only sand stones that

you can walk across in your bare

feet on even the hottest summer

day of the season!







Winter brings extreme cold and constant

freezing and thawing. The steps that Rocky

ran up at the Philadelphia Art Museum have

been in existence for over 100 years and

are SALTED - yes salted - numerous times

everyday in the winter. The conditions have

had no affects on our stone.











The Historic Clearfield County jail was erected in 1822. It is

still standing today and was recently purchased to be the

home of a new distillery. It has been part of the Clearfield

community for almost 200 years. In the flood of 1936 - the

water was 20 feet high around the base and the building is

still standing strong today and ready for the next 200 years!








The longevity of natural stone has always been one of its most favorable qualities. That longevity is evident in so many projects that have been completed with the world renowned stone from our Central Pennsylvania quarry over the years!


Our stone is also tested and analyzed with high standards to assure long lasting quality and durability. Testing is done by Certified Testing Labratories Inc. a renowned leader in its field of expertise. They hold National, State, and Local Certifications and have approvals in their methodologies from ASTM, EPA, OSHA, and NIOSH.


At Russell Stone Products you can expect the absolute best, and in EVERY CASE - that is exactly what we deliver to our customers around the world!


Below are copies of these Certified Analysis Reports...


Roaring Run and Bloom Run Stone FREEZE & THAW Analysis